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PAM at Home - Phonemic Awareness MasteryNE

Can I use PAM at Home? Yes! Do I need to be a teacher? No! We have designed Phonemic Awareness Mastery (PAM) to be easy to use with your child.

Launches Soon

Phonemic Awareness Mastery: Can I use PAM at home?

Yes, you can order the PAM Handbook, which includes step-by-step instructions and photocopiable resources.

Use it with the ICRWY Lessons app – it’s like having Miss Emma in your living room!

The handbook outlines your activity objectives and shows how to determine if your child has mastered phonemic awareness.

Also, sign up for the £10 pre-recorded training and join the "Getting Started with Phonemies" private support group. You can ask questions and connect with others; Miss Emma is one of the moderators.

When your child achieves ‘mastery’ status, they will be able to isolate, segment, and blend phonemes. Their brain will be ‘wired’ to associate sounds with letters! This 'mapping' is the foundation of reading and spelling. 

Ready for Speech Sound Mapping with Sound Pics (graphemes)? The PAM Handbook covers that transition.

Next steps will depend on your child and their interests. The support group will assist you with that as well. You can also continue with the ICRWY Lessons app. Start ‘following the monster sounds to say the word’ with the 36 books starting with ‘Red’.

There are 150 'Village with Three Corners' series books, and the technology being developed will provide even more opportunities to input your own texts and explore ANY books. The greatest gift we can offer is the ability to tailor the learning journey to what YOUR child needs and wants, so that learning to read is FUN: they are then far more eager to read for pleasure.

Start your journey as early as possible – before they turn one, babies' brains are especially well-attuned to the sounds of spoken language. The more you know, the easier it will be to incorporate 'Speech Sound Mapping' with the Phonemies into daily life. Before you know it, they will be readies – the term we use when children are devouring books as if they were chocolate!

The Different Reading Framework - Includes Phonemic Awareness Mastery
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