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Reading should be enjoyable! Book a 1:1 zoom session with Emma Hartnell-Baker

"My child is struggling to learn to read and spell at school with synthetic phonics. They do not equate reading with anything positive, and it's affecting their attitude towards learning. What can I do at home to teach them to read and spell myself?" 

Orthographix - Show the Code!

After paying you will be asked to video a few simple activities, to assess phonemic awareness among other skills. You will be sent the necessary hand copy resources after Miss Emma has watched the clip/s. A date will be booked (within 2 weeks of payment) for the Getting Started Session. How many follow ups depends on a range of factors, but one is usually recommended a week after the Getting Started session, and then at 3 week intervals.
Most families have 'cracked it' within 1 'Getting Started' and 4 'Follow-up sessions.  
Ortho-Graphix Tech makes 'the spelling code' visible and easier to crack! 

Miss Emma uses Ortho-Graphix to unlock orthographic knowledge

Does your child grasp the 'grapheme to phoneme' conversion in English reading? This is vital for reading fluency and understanding. Various factors, unrelated to intelligence, can make this challenging. Miss Emma identifies these challenges and provides targeted tools and resources. She offers books with visual sound mappings (graphemes) and an upcoming technology that allows kids to visualise/ identify graphemes and hear phonemes in regular text by simply clicking on words. This self-help method fosters orthographic knowledge without external assistance. With Ortho-Graphix, children receive timely word mapping support. 

1:1 Zoom with Miss Emma
Emma Hartnell-Baker, The Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer 

Unlock Your Child's Learning Potential with Ortho-Graphix for EASIER Reading and Spelling
Code the Word, Show the Word, Know the Word!


Is your child struggling with reading and spelling? Are synthetic phonics programs not working for them, at school, leaving you with unanswered questions?

Meet Miss Emma, the Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer, a SEND specialist. Book a 1:1 session with her, and she will work with you directly via Zoom. You'll receive tailored resources to address your child's specific learning challenges, making reading and spelling easier for them. In this one-hour session, Miss Emma will pinpoint why your child is facing difficulties and guide you through core activities to boost their decoding and encoding skills at home using quick and engaging activities designed to help them 'self-teach'  and develop orthographic knowledge independently.
Most children do NOT want to be 'taught'. They want to be shown how to do it themselves.
This is at the heart of Miss Emma's tech solutions - and future 'AI Kindergarten Reading Teacher'.

The I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) approach is simple and effective: created by and for neurodivergent learners. With just a few minutes of daily activities and regular video updates, you'll see progress. Follow-up sessions are available as needed, helping you and your child achieve that "aha" moment.


Initial 60-minute session with resources: £195 (additional shipping fee for international clients)

Follow-up 45-minute sessions: £75

Don't let reading and spelling struggles hold your child back. Take the first step towards their reading and spelling success today. You can even share the zoom sessions with their teacher. 

Ortho-Graphix Tutoring with Miss Emma
Ortho-Graphix - the Speech Sound Connection-

Miss Emma is an experienced teacher with Masters Degree in Special Educational Need, and former OFSTED Inspector - EYFS. She managed two 'outstanding' nurseries in the UK and has supported thousands of teachers to improve school wide literacy internationally. Her current focus is on the under 3s: a dual approach to spoken and written language acquisition, developing the Speech Sound Connection through Ortho-Graphix, using the 1,2,3 and Away! series to focus on reading for pleasure.

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