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Phonemic Awareness Mastery

Phoneme Articulation  and Phonemic Awareness Mastery
- BEFORE Learning about Letters!

What does 'mastery' look like?
This is the point when mapping those speech sounds to letters (graphemes) becomes intuitive!

After learning to isolate, segment and blend speech sounds using 'Duck Hands' and through a focus on our unique 'Speech Sound Mapping' approach children can:

Identify the phoneme these 'Phonemies' make
Confidently  'follow the monster sounds to say the word ie blend the Phonemies into 'Visual Prompt' words
Can build the Visual Prompt words in Phonemies on the Speech Sound Lines.

Avery will demonstrate below!

This can take less than an hour, a few days or a few weeks. Allow 6 weeks so you don't feel rushed
(10 - 15 minutes per day) Use the Teacher Handbook.

You will need:
Getting Started Bundle 
Spelling Piano app for tablets / ICRWY Lessons app (all devices)

Why should 'teachers' be
The Different Reading Framework from The Reading Hut - Phonemies - Phonemic Awareness Mastery
The Different Reading Framework
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