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Inquiry Learning

Very young children prefer child-centric inquiry learning because it aligns with their natural curiosity and desire to explore the world around them. This approach allows them to follow their interests and ask questions, which leads to deeper engagement and understanding. In a child-centric environment, learning is driven by the child's own experiences and discoveries, making it more meaningful and relevant to them. Additionally, this method respects their developmental stages, offering support and challenges that are appropriate for their individual growth. By fostering a love of learning through inquiry, children develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and a sense of autonomy.

Avery, a 3-year-old, is learning about 'bodies' at the moment! Because of the Phonemies (Speech Sound Monsters), he can explore the speech, spelling, and meaning at the same time, building on existing schema to store the word in his orthographic lexicon.

Phonemies allow children to learn another language while they are toddlers – the language of written English! While we agree that children are not developmentally ready to learn to read and spell at this age if the instruction is inappropriate – as has often been the case with methods like the memorisation of whole words or following a synthetic phonics program - not the child's capacity to learn to read and spell when very, very young.

Speech Sound Mapping is likely the first in the world that enables children to learn to read and spell alongside learning to talk, through inquiry learning.

The success of Speech Sound Mapping Therapy lies not only in 'Phonemies' - phonemes made visible - but also in how we map words 

To do this really well, the child also needs to connect with their learning coach.

Miss Emma is there to support them, through the ICRWY lessons app and tools

We absolutely adore our little learners and cherish everything that makes them unique.
Speech Sound Mapping is child-centric!

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