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Visible English - The Universal Spelling Code
Speech Sound Pics - Visible English Spelling!
Speech Sound Monster Bank and Spelling Clouds

Visible Speech Sounds
Show the Code!

Visible Speech Sounds - Visible English!

Which English words would you like made visible? I've started with the UK statutory spellings. Let's build a HUGE database of mapped English words 

The Universal Spelling Code - Visible English
Speech Sound Pictures - Visible English Spelling Code
Visible English Spelling - Show the Code!

I'm using these to also 'throw in' a few concepts the audience may not have previously considered, but that will strengthen phonemic awareness and orthographic knowledge. 

Miss Emma 

Miss Emma - sneaking in some new concepts to strengthen orthographic knowledge
IPA Symbols - sound symbols!

Statutory Spelling Words: Visit the Mapped Word Pages

I am a NeuroReadie.

I think and learn differently.

I invite you to 'see' English words differently too! Let's explore Pictures of Speech Sounds
Visible English

Miss Emma MA SEN


Little Mapper
(turned 2 last week)

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