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Teaching Adults to Read

I offer private tutoring sessions for older children, teens and adults in my home office in St Leonards, Dorset. Being unable to read or write with confidence often leads to feeling of shame, even though most of the students I work with learn quickly and easily. What was the difference? The way I teach. However I understand that where you learn makes a difference, as you may not want anyone to know what we are doing. Perhaps you can read, but it is difficult and slow, perhaps you have never read and now want to start! In which case it is likely that someone else is reading this, and will get in touch on your behalf. They may even want to buy an initial session as a present, to get you started!

I aim to teach you to read quickly, explain why you were failed in the past (it was not your fault) and keep in touch as you continue to navigate life - but with new skills! 

We will have an initial 60 minute session, I'll get to the heart of what is blocking your 'reading brain' from understanding the written code, and show you how to 'self-teach' yourself between sessions (although if you have a literate friend they can certainly help and support you)
Each regular session lasts 45 minutes and costs £60  

Please do contact me on 01202 082330 or send a message.  

Miss Emma
BEd Hons. MA Special Educational Needs. 

Teaching adults to read in Dorset.
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