Teacherless Teaching Ltd, Trading as The Reading Hut. 

UK  Company number 11262314 
Unit A 82 James Carter Road, Mildenhall, Bury St. Edmunds, Sussex, United Kingdom, IP28 7DE
Teacherless Teaching Ltd are official suppliers of SSP (Speech Sound Pics® Approach) resources, to teach reading, writing and spelling, incorporating the Speech Sound Monsters®, and supply a range of quality phonics teaching resources eg decodable readers.


'A child's level of phonemic awareness on entering school is widely held to be the strongest single determinant of the success that she or he will experience in learning to read — or, conversely, the likelihood that she or he will fail'

'Research indicates that, without direct instructional support, phonemic awareness eludes roughly 25 percent of middle-class first graders and substantially more of those who come from less literacy-rich backgrounds. Furthermore, these children evidence serious difficulty in learning to read and write' More

Avoid reading and spelling difficulties by ‘wiring’ brains to be ABLE to learn these complex skills, even before children start school.

Why learn how to help your child at home? Because the activities are also an Early Intervention for Dyslexia.
Many teachers, however brilliant, are not trained to identify Dyslexia, or offer specialist teaching.
Miss Emma is passionate about literacy, and wants every child to love reading and writing too, quickly and easily ! 

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