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I Can Speak and Spell Without You!
Speech and Spelling 

“Liberty is not to be free to do anything one likes; it is to be able to act without help. ”

Maria Montessori Citizen of the World, p. 24

Code the Word, Show the Word, Know the Word! Mapped Words

In the UK children are taught using 'Synthetic Phonics'. There is great emphasis on hearing and 'saying the letter sounds'. But what if this is really difficult for some children?

Miss Emma is neurodivergent, and has spent most of her adult life creating resources and activities to support and embrace children with specific learning differences: so that they not only reach their potential, but are engaged and happy learners!  Many who are ND are expert at deconstructing complex ideas and presenting them in smaller digestible segments. This aids cognitive processing and assists in not overstimulating students, providing students the 'space and pace' to develop their understanding of each concept. Within her own 'SSP' approach to classroom teaching of phonemic awareness and orthographic knowledge she uses spaced repetition, and a range of tools - with a love of technology. Neurodivergent teachers often champion the use of te
chnology in and out of the classroom!
Technology can offer children opportunities they cannot experience with a 'real' person - they can rewind over and over again, change the speed, and learn independently - they feel in control of their own learning.  

Now back in the UK Miss Emma is focused on introducing children to the Speech Sound Monsters in order that they may find their own voices! Playing with Speech Sounds is a great way to support their speech and spelling skills, as they see 'Monster Mapping' as play.
Intrinsic motivatio
n to learn and to read for pleasure is at the heart of Miss Emma's work.


I Can Speak and Spell! is Miss Emma's exciting new project - a focus on speech and spelling!

- come back soon to learn more!


Speech Sound Monsters from the SSP Spelling Piano app
Speech Sound Monsters! Let's play the Monster Sounds
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