Snap and Crack!

Cracking Comprehension activity suitable for all learners

Snap a photo of a page and project onto screen/whiteboard and then Crack the Comprehension. Or simply choose a page as your 'snap shot' of the book, and work with it inside a clear plastic folder. 
Use this as a quick 5 - 15 minute activity (ideally daily) either with the whole class or in pairs. We recommend having Spelling Cloud Mats handy to check new phoneme-grapheme combinations.  

Why not book a 2-hour Snap and Crack workshop for your teaching team? 

Use Code Level readers and Transition Readers for Snap and Crack and then age-appropriate 'real' texts when students are ready.
We train you to know when that is!  

Transition Readers - Bridging the Gap

These are texts used between Decodable Readers and Authentic Texts (and are different to levelled readers) and transition learners from reading through 'phonological decoding' to 'sight word reading';  students are then using Orthographic Mapping skills. From the beginning stages of learning to read students are also listening to a range of texts that are predominantly being read TO them. However, by the end of the Transition Reader phase (which extends past the Code Level/ Decodable Reader phase) the learners can read these 'authentic' texts themselves.

Words that have become sight words are read from memory. Sight of the word immediately activates both pronunciation and meaning. To build sight words, OM is required. Readers must form connections between spellings and pronunciations of specific words by applying knowledge of the general writing system. When readers see a new word, and say or hear its pronunciation, its spelling becomes mapped onto its pronunciation and meaning. It’s the connections that serve to ‘glue’ spelling to pronunciations in memory.

Ehri, L.C. (2014). Orthographic mapping in the acquisition of sight word reading, spelling memory, and vocabulary learning. Scientific Studies of Reading 18(1), 5-21. p6.

Using 1,2,3 and Away! and the Pirate Stories by Sheila McCullagh within Snap and Crack.
The Reading Hut Ltd are honoured to be the current copyright holders for these wonderful books.


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