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Back on Track - BOT Tutoring

BOT - Back on Track
School-led Tutoring Services


 We supply the ipads, loaded with the apps and technology we use to support all learners, and track progress. 

All we need is a dedicated space for 4 learners and wall space to create a Speech Sound Wall.

All resources are supplied.


Book School-Led Tutoring Workshops for Learning Support Staff and Teachers.
Back on Track (BOT)

TAs and Learning Support Staff
can learn to use the DOK Daily Activities.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: £95 per participant. 

Ticket includes DOK Daily bundle  

School-lead tutoring in Dorset from The Reading Hut

Book Miss Emma to deliver BOT, funded with your School-Led Tutoring grant.

Tutoring is defined as a teacher, teaching assistant or other professional educator providing intensive and individualised academic support to pupils in either one-to-one or small group arrangements.

Route three: School-Led Tutoring Overview: Under School-Led Tutoring, all eligible state-funded schools and academy trusts are given a ring-fenced grant to fund locally sourced tutoring provision for disadvantaged pupils. This could include using existing staff such as teachers and teaching assistants or external tutoring resources such as private tutors or returning teachers. The grant gives schools and academy trusts the flexibility to use tutors with whom they are familiar.


Eligibility: All state-funded schools and academy trusts with pupils eligible for pupil premium will receive a ring-fenced grant. Funding: Funding is allocated for around 60% of pupils eligible for pupil premium per school. 75% of the cost is subsidised in academic year 2021/22. Schools and academy trusts will need to fund the remaining 25% through other budgets, for example recovery premium or pupil premium. The subsidy rate for 2022/23 will be 60% and for 2023/24 will be 25%.

How to Access: The school-level allocations will be published on GOV.UK. Academy trusts will be funded directly and maintained schools will be funded via the local authority. Although there is no requirement to apply for this ring-fenced funding, there are conditions attached including the completion of an end of year financial return. 

ICRWY Tutors: Cost

 £72 per hour for a 15-hour Inclusive Literacy Learning program within a mainstream school. Groups consist of no more than 4 students
(£18 per hour per student)
We offer 3 x 30-minute sessions per week for 10 weeks
or 2 x 30-minute sessions per week for 15 weeks. 

£45 per hour per student for a 15-hour Inclusive Literacy Learning program within a non-mainstream school. Sessions are generally 1:1 and offered as 
2 x 45-minute sessions per week for 10 weeks. 

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