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Get in, Get out GPCs!

Recognise the commonly used grapheme to phoneme correspondences.
Less teaching, more learning.

Activities designed by Miss Emma
The Neurodivergent Learning Whisperer

Access the lessons in the ICRWY Lessons app and order chants strips to demonstrate mastery.

Chant Strips - Get in,  Get out GPC learning!
Speech Sound Monsters make the English spelling code visible!

The phoneme (Speech Sound) Monsters are shown in the ICRWY video lessons app so that the child is clear about each correspondence as they are learning to map phonemes and graphemes. We are taking a preventative approach (assuming all are 'at risk' of difficulties, rather than waiting. They are not on the chant strips, which are used to demonstrate skill mastery. 

The phonics screener check - PSC - childen can get there much more easily

There are 4 SSP Code Levels 

The explicit phonics instruction should be over with as quickly as possible for every child, and ideally before the end of reception. 

Please check comprehension at the same time so that you are not simply assessing grapheme recognition (of a limited number of GPCc) and blending.

With good phonemic awareness children will be able to blend these GPCs and easily pass the Phonics Screening Check,  and read Code Level Readers.

Please check vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension at the same time!

I'll discuss this within the PATOSS lecture

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