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Little Mappers!
We love our Little Mappers

A unique approach to speech and language therapy combined with orthographic awareness, developed by 'Miss Emma'. 
Emma Hartnell-Baker managed two 'Outstanding' nurseries for eight years, and was an Early Years Regulatory Inspector for OFSTED before emigrating to Australia, where she launched 'Read Australia' and the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach. She is now back in the UK and undertaking doctoral studies at the University of Reading:-) 

Do you manage an early years setting in the UK?

Ask about Little Mappers training for the team; a unique approach to developing phonemic awareness, oral language and orthographic knowledge through play.
3 hour training with Miss Emma available! 
£675 for up to 30 adults 

Individuals should access the online training or attend a public workshop.


Visible Spelling Code! Show the Code - Visible English Training
Learning through Play - NeuroReadies
NeuroReadie Training - DIFFERENT - Miss Emma

Little Mappers

Reading Ready Brains - Toddlers - ICRWY

Many children enter school with little or no phonemic awareness because it is not
a cognitive capacity that is needed for either language learning or using language.
Why does this matter?
Phonemic awareness in the early stages of reading, improves and accelerates learning to read, and at school entry is a strong predictor of their future reading ability. 
Reading and phonemic awareness are mutually reinforcing: phonemic awareness is necessary for reading, and reading, in turn, improves phonemic awareness still further.
'Reading Ready Brains' is designed to ensure that all children start school with good phonemic awareness.
Our Little Mappers enjoy speech & language therapy and orthographic learning play with Miss Emma's Speech Sound Monsters.  

Follow the activities at home! The 90 Minute training course for Little Mappers is here 
- We ship worldwide - email for quote

Reading Ready Brains
Speech Sound Monsters - Monster Mapping
Order the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook from the UK shop and pay in Pounds Sterling £40 plus postage
Or order it in the Aussie shop and pay in AU$ - $70 plus GST and postage 

Join the Facebook page /SpeechSoundPics

 Word Mapping is exciting to 4 year olds boys;  our Little Mappers are Speech Sound Pic Detectives!

Intervention -

Ideal for Grade 2 students who have had 2 years of synthetic phonics instruction and still can't read - or they can read reasonably well but their spelling skills are poor.

Many have only had limited exposure to the Universal Spelling Code
- because of the the programme used, and reading material restricted to decodable texts.
The Word Recognition Intervention will help bridge the gap between (phonics) Code Level and authentic texts, and help to facilitate more of the skills needed to become a skilled reader, as seen in the Active View of Reading.  

If is easier to prevent these issues in the early years however.  
This is so much easier with the Speech Sound Monsters!

Please sign up for training! 

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