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Reading Ready Brains program

Reading Ready Brains

Wiring Brains for Reading and Spelling in the Early Years. 

4 Week Online Group for Parents and Toddlers
4 Week Online Group for Parents and 3 - 4 year olds 
New dates for 2023
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Many children enter school with little or no phonemic awareness because it is not
a cognitive capacity that is needed for either language learning or using language.
Why does this matter?
Phonemic awareness,specially in the early stages of reading, improves and accelerates learning to read, and at school entry is a strong predictor of their future reading ability. 
Reading and phonemic awareness are mutually reinforcing: Phonemic awareness is necessary for reading, and reading, in turn, improves phonemic awareness still further.
'Reading Ready Brains' is designed to ensure that all children start school with good phonemic awareness.

These are Pilot Groups - so free to you! - other than the resource book - see below

Group 1 - Toddlers - January 9th to Feb 6th
3-4s Jan 16 to Feb 13th

All you need - to participate in one of these pilot groups - is the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook - We ship worldwide - email for quote

Order it from the UK shop and pay in Pounds Sterling £40 plus postage
Or order it in the Aussie shop and pay in AU$ - $70 plus GST and postage 

Reading Ready Brains
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