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The Reading Hut - ReadABLE Library

The Reading Hut's 'ReadABLE' Library 


The term 'decodable reader' is used to describe texts that align with the scope and sequence of a systematic and explicit phonics program. The books are termed 'decodable' because the child knows those particular grapheme to phoneme correspondences (GPCs) So they are learning to read with phonics, but can't choose what they want to read, based on their interests; often for a long time. As someone who writes decodable readers for my students (see example Braintree Forest Readers below) to align with the 4 Speech Sound Pics Approach 'Code Levels' I know how hard it is to craft these to support this GPC learning order AND make them as interesting as possible.

I have added a few of my decodable readers below: children do love them, but I'm no Dr Seuss! This is why I secured the rights to the Village With Three Corners Series (1,2,3 and Away!) - I wanted to 'map' a series I know reception aged children love!  And start to map much loved stories and poems (with permission of course)

This will become our ReadABLE Library! 

I developed an Orthographic Mapping Tool: combined with the use of Speech Sound Pictographs (monsters) ANY books become ReadABLE.  With a kick start of phonics (included for free) children can continue to develop phonemic awareness and orthographic knowledge with books they love, experiencing the joy of reading!

Let's get all children reading for pleasure before the end of KS1.  

Miss Emma X

ALL Books become 'ReadABLE'! 
Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Miss Emma - making books ReadABLE!

Braintree Forest
Decodable Readers

'Because of the orthographic mapping tool we are no longer restricted to decodable phonics texts, with known GPCs
- it's so empowering! I'll keep writing Braintree Forest decodable readers, to support systematic and explicit phonics instruction, but let's map texts that really excite individual children!' Miss Emma x

These are 'decodable' as the children know the grapheme-to-phoneme correspondences used. They may restrict the orthographic knowledge being developed however; this can be detrimental to at least 1 in 4 learners, who need a wider exposure to 'the whole code' at the same time.  

The Reading Hut Library makes ALL books 'readABLE'
- regardless of existing phonic knowledge. Being able to choose any books - based on your own interests - is an exciting way forward. We truly can focus on 'reading for pleasure' - before children have completed a systematic phonics programme, and without having to read these books TO children. Not all children have someone who can do that for them - so I read it to them in their ear, with the focus on phonemic awareness and orthographic learning that they need. 
It is a unique and exciting way to develop the orthographic knowledge needed to become a 'reader', and is fully neuro-inclusive!
Miss Emma x 

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