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Read the One, Two, Three and Away!  series - they are Mapped in the ICRWY Lessons app and used as Transition books 

Read in the ICRYW lessons app 


INSTEAD of relying on the children knowing all  GPCs - or asking for help - we can SHOW children the Code.  
We SHOW them the Sound Pics (graphemes) and if they aren't sure of the sound value the Speech Sound (phoneme) Monsters 'tell' them. 
They can then read the books without phoneme or grapheme clues and focus on fluency and comprehension as less working memory is used: they also feel more  confident! Before you know it they are saying 'I can read without you'. 

This means we aren't relying on children having a great memory, existing phonic 'code knowledge' or even that an adult (reader) be there: they can  just get on, independently. This is empowering. 


These fabulous books are Mapped so that the Code is Visible, even to pre-school aged children!

Visible English Speech Sounds- The Village with Three Corners
Show the Code - Visible English - The Village with Three Corners

Contact Miss Emma about The Village With Three Corners.

Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer
The Reading Whisperer, Miss Emma
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