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A Girl in a Classroom

10 Minute Writing
Activity designed for Dyslexic Students 

An activity that can be used when you have a spare 10 - 20 minutes, with little planning
- I do this A LOT 
with my dyslexic students when tutoring!

You can also do this with Year 7,8,9 (KS3) students
not yet reading and writing at grade level,
to boost their orthographic knowledge

Use as the Mapped Words
OK in KS3 Intervention

Rapid Writing - Orthographic Knowledge Booster

Or use this activity if you have to cover 'Scope and Sequence' content In Upper Primary - eg the document released by the SA education dept as shown here - but don't want to teach it as a 'sequence' (explicit instruction) as the learning isn't cumulative
(ie children can be exploring /t/ as a grapheme when they are 4, not just the 'ch' they see in their phonics programme!) 

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