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Code Mapping Tool

Mapped Words - Code the Word, Show the Word, Know the Word
The Speech Sound Connection - Mapped Words - What's New for You?!
Miss Emma, the Neurodivergent Learning Whisperer

If you follow my work you will know that I developed this Orthographic Mapping tool that shows those learning to read and spell the graphemes in English words - making the spelling code visible. I call the mapping of words into graphemes 'Code Mapping'!

As phonemic awareness deficits are common with learners who are dyslexic this is gold - as they can see where the phoneme to grapheme links are, even if they struggle to hear them - especially when learning phonics. The universal spelling code - introduced via 'phonics' revolves around the British IPA it is mapped to align with this but you can edit any mapping locally if you wish - eg for names or different accents - it's flexible.

Use the tool below while still available - I created it and shared with those who attended our PATOSS webinars last year and it's still live but only for a few weeks. It will be available to those attending the session to highlight the development of Orthographic Knowledge

Skilled teachers and tutors can do a range of activities with it to further enhance phonemic awareness and orthographic knowledge eg speedy paired decoding, the speedy six (spelling) snap and crack (comprehension activity) rapid writing...

Just get spelling clouds so the kids can cross reference the mapping with the ‘whole’ code.

'Miss Emma'

Emma Hartnell-Baker


Doctoral student - University of Reading

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