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What's New for You? OK Intervention - Mapped Words - The Reading Hut

Getting kids EXCITED about learning! 

What's New for You? Self-Teaching - MAPPED! Intervention
Mapped Words - Creating Learnable Moments
OK in KS2

Mapped Words®
'OK in Key Stage 2

OK in Key Stage 2 - Mapped Words®
- the Orthographic Knowledge (OK) Intervention for Teens that Can't Read

Mapped Words - Creating Learnable Moments
Orthographic Learning is Fun!
OK in KS3 - Code Shown, Word Known

3 Activities - 45 Minutes

Without Orthographic Knowledge students cannot read and spell effectively in English. At least 1 in 4 students in the UK transition to KS3 unable to read and spell at even minimum expected levels. 

OK in KS2 was designed by The Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer to prevent this: every child working at, or exceeding, grade level.

OK is suitable for ALL learners but targets those who learn differently, and who positively respond to 'less teaching, more learning'.

OK will 'release the valve' which allows students to finally 'self-teach': implicit learning takes place.  


Ideally run 2 x 45 minute sessions per week - whole class learning
During sessions students do the same thing (routine is vital) 

* Speedy Group Code Mapping - OK L
eader Led (5 minutes)
'Leader Follows the Sounds, Learners Say the Word'
* Rapid Writing (15/20 minutes) see outline below - texts are prepared ahead of the session.
This differs from KS1 Rapid Writing as children use a prompt to think of a sentence themselves. 
* Snap and Crack  (15/20 minutes)
This also incorporates speed reading and comprehension skills

What do you need?

Dedicated Space / Classroom
Spelling Clouds on Walls (you can use a pop up wall)
Spelling Cloud Mats - 1 per table

ipads / tablets
Code Mapping Tool  

OK Membership - to download texts
(everything is prepared for you - you have no planning - but you will need to download and print) 



Boosting Orthographic Knowledge (OK)


"The OK intervention is not just about seeing words differently: we 
ed students to see THEMSELVES differently, as learners"
Miss Emma

Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer

Duck  Hands, Lines and Numbers!
Follow the Sounds, Say the Word! Developing Orthographic Knowledge - Promoting Phonological Recoding
What's New for You? Self-Teaching - MAPPED! Intervention
Rapid Writing - With Pre-Prepared Texts
Snap and Crack - Cracking Comprehension
The Speech Sound Connection in KS3

Phonemes to Graphemes

Orthographic Knowledge - OK Intervention from The Reading Hut - Mapped Words
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