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Reading Brain Goodies

Reading Ready Brains - Shopping!

I've been sharing my passion for 'orthographic knowledge' around the world for years. This wonderful class sent a mash up video in 2016 to show how 'mathematical' they had made the learning of reading and spelling, using 'Speech Sound Pics' (SSP) - and  how much FUN!
English orthography can connect us everywhere as the IPA offers a Universal spelling code!
When we use  Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers we make the code visible. When we add the Speech Sound Monsters we also show the 'sound value'.
It just makes sense! We are pattern seekers.  

The Naughty Speech Sound Frog might have messed up the mapping of 'naturally' in the video, to keep us on our toes! Did you notice?



Some of Miss Emma's favourite Word Mapping activities!

We love our Spelling Clouds®!

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SSP Spelling Strategy
Passing the Phonics Screening Check

Passing the Phonics Screening Check

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30 Minute Systematic Phonics
Learning Routine - 'Less teaching, more learning'
Learning the PSC grapheme to phoneme correspondences at their pace.

Code Level texts organised into
SSP Code Levels - Download 

Code Level Video Lesson - 4 Levels
Green/ Purple/ Yellow/ Blue
Lessons are 6-9 mins long

Students now demonstrate mastery with the
A3 plastic laminate Coding Poster for 12 - 15 minutes - Teachers use a buzzer

Green/ Purple/ Yellow/ Blue
Each activity on the Coding poster 90 seconds - Children can take home


Three Activities:
1/ Speedy Paired Code Mapping of Code Level Texts - 5 minutes
2/ Watch Code Level lessons, in the ICRWY Lessons app, to reinforce known correspondences and learn new ones - 10 minutes
3/ Demonstrate existing knowledge with the A3 Coding Poster - teacher can use this time to record progress
- also includes 100 high frequency words, Code Mapped - 15 minutes

“Teaching constrained skills explicitly and systematically and matching instruction to students’ developmental needs should ensure that the largest portion of the literacy block can be allocated to the more complex unconstrained abilities throughout the elementary years.”

— Stahl, 2011, p. 56

Because they learn the 100 or so grapheme to phoneme correspondences so quickly - and at their pace - reinforced with Code Level readers - we can spend more time on vocabulary knowledge, comprehension and spelling (exploring the WHOLE code, as seen on Speech Sound Wall, using the Spelling Clouds- the 300+ correspondences used within written English - an opaque orthography)
We do this using a range of activities - The Speedy Six (spelling and vocab) Snap and Crack (comprehension)  Speedy Writing (sentence construction, grammar and punctuation) LinguaLit ( all-in-one literacy routine - work through a piece of text or book)

Show parents and carers how to do the Speedy Code Mapping activity at home using
Decodable Readers (at Code Level) or Sentence Strips

Bridging the gap between 'decodable' and 'authentic' texts. 
Transition Readers

High Frequency Word
Learning System- 'Less teaching, more learning'
Learning around 400 high frequency words in 12 months with the ICRWY Lessons app
- because all working at their pace - and as words are Code Mapped® and Monster Mapped®.

The Speedy Six
- Spelling Activities for All Grades and Stages

Run this for about 25 minutes a day in Upper Primary but it can go on for longer
- or run Activities 1,3 and 5 one day, 2,4 and 6 the next.
Exploration of word origins (etymology) and structure of words and parts of words such as stems, root words, prefixes, and suffixes (morphology) included, as well as grammar and punctuation.

Use Spelling Clouds and the Code Mapping Tool