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SSP Spelling Pianoapp for ipads

Read the 120 Village with Three Corners books in the ICRWY Lessons app.

Aussie school? Unblocked for school use.
Sign up for Multi-user option on the Speech Sound Pics Approach site and pay in AU$ there

'I Can Read Without You!' Project Apps

Sequential, Scaffolded, Systematic Lessons 'Lead your own learning'. ICRWY was initially developed for parents and teachers, as an early intervention for dyslexia, and to ensure the highest number of learners can read for meaning before grade 2, including those who are non verbal! The ICRWY lessons in the app are also suitable for functionally illiterate adults and dyslexic learners. The reading development 'continuum' is the same. 

ICRWY - The Self-Teaching Reading and Spelling Program - AI Assisted Reading Teacher
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