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I Can Read Without You
- Early Years Project -

Miss Emma taught children to read before they started school and supported Reception teachers as part of the ICRWY EY Project. 

Even though these teeny tots are only 3 years old, they already love to read! They choose to read for pleasure. 
You can teach your child to read using the SSP Monster Mapping app - ICRWY Project - Learn to read in 100 lessons online.  

3 years old


Just turned 3 

2 years old 

If you would like Miss Emma to support your EY group or class, please get in touch to explore options.

The focus in the early years is on preventing reading and spelling difficulties, by developing phonemic awareness and oral language skills. 

Miss Emma is currently living in Dorset, UK  

Sending children to school with great phonemic awareness is one of the best gifts you can give to a child, as you are arming them against the experience of struggling to learn to read and spell (it can be a bit hit and miss, depending on approach taken by the school, regardless of how fantastic their teacher)

Maya goes down from 'meatier' and removes the last sound, until she can't go any further.

So she removes the schwa (ə) first, then the /i:/ then the /t/ then /i:/





Maya demonstrates the reason why I say that PA can be developed within activities that do not include graphemes (phonics)

Of course what we do with kids depends on those kids - we give them what they need, when they need it. The trick is to know how much is too much. Maya extended the activity I had asked her to try with Mummy.

With advanced phonemic awareness they will find spelling, in particular, far easier (even if taught using spelling lists and by rote learning!)

I used this within a video lesson for parents and teachers using the Speedy Six Spelling activities in the app. It may help to shows why we do Activity 6.


I Can Read (and Spell) Without You! app!

Miss Emma

Green Code Level matching
Reading a Code Level Reader
Reading a Code Level Reader
Lara - HFWs
Code Mapping with Duck Hands
What is Lara doing?
Writing HFWs - was
One, Two, Three and Away! Roger Red-hat and friends,

Village With Three Corners books are used within the I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project and app!


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