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Improving global literacy - ICRWY Project

I Can Read Without You 
(ICRWY) Project

Including All Learners : Reading Independently for Pleasure before KS2 

I Can Read Without You ICRWY Project
Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Mapped Words - OK Intervention for Reading and Spelling - Older Students
Colorful Chalks
Reading Ready Brains - ICRWY Early Years
Speech Sound Monsters - Monster Mapping with Miss Emma
The AI Kingergarten Reading Teacher

After creating an approach to empower parents and teachers, delivering training all over the world, creating the ICRWY 'step by step' lessons app and more I have realised that we need ICRWY Specialist Tutors and to bypass 'the system' and put The AI (Kindergarten) Reading Teacher into the hands of anyone with a tablet!

I have shared my 'Speech Sound Pics' Approach, with the Spelling Clouds and Speech Sound Monsters in Spelling Cloud it's time to actually create that AI Reading Teacher in the Cloud!

Village with Three Corners - Children Who Cant Read
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