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I Can Read Without You ICRWY Project

 DIFFERENT Training with the
Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer® 

Emma Hartnell-Baker - ICRWY

Announcement: Exciting News!
Are you intrigued by the prospect of conducting small group sessions aimed at cultivating the essential vocabulary and orthographic knowledge required if children are to become skilled readers? Moreover, these sessions are designed to instil a genuine passion for reading, driven by engaging content: reading The Village with Three Corners series! Make sure to bookmark the READIES page as we are set to launch in November. This program is ideally suited for KS1 children who have progressed to Phase 3 in Letters and Sounds/ the end of Speech Sound Pics Approach Purple Code Level. It's important to note that these sessions operate independently of explicit and systematic phonics instruction, and their compatibility extends to any SSP program you may be utilising. 

ICRWY Tutors - I Can Read Without You
I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) - Self-Teaching Reading and Spelling Program - for those who want to be a part of change. ING
The Readies Program from The Reading Hut! Reading for Pleasure

Emma Hartnell-Baker
'Miss Emma'

BEd Hons. MA SEN Doctoral Student - University of Reading
Proudly Neurodivergent. 

We are readies! Readies Program from The Reading Hut
Mapped Words - Code the Word, Show the Word, Know the Word! - We are Readies!
Speech to Print Approach - Linguistic Phonics with Miss Emma
Explicit instruction should not last long when teaching reading

The teacher doesn't need to be at the front 'teaching' spelling choices. Shift towards a 'concept driven' approach, and make sure the reference materials children may need at any given time (you don't know what they will be writing!) are there. 

The Routine - Storing Words in Orthographic Lexicon

The Routine - Storing Words in Orthographic Lexicon

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