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A lot of children think and learn differently, and that's GREAT! To learn, a lot of children need something different - they are generally taught in mainstream schools using programs designed by neurotypical adults for neurotypical learners (eg DfE validated Systematic Synthetic Phonics programmes) and not offered 'different' in school until they have been failed (unless in Australia and using The Speech Sound Pics SSP Approach!) DIFFERENT Tutoring is a different option for parents, who want their neurodivergent children to get excited about learning to read and spell - it 'just makes sense' to THEIR brains. Emma Hartnell-Baker does not have a 'neurotypical brain' and offers 'Different Tutoring' ONLINE, to anyone, anywhere. Miss Emma welcomes you and your child into a supportive network of NeuroReadies! In the Dorset area? She may be able to offer face-to-fact tutoring.
Mapping is one of our Super Powers - we love patterns, and to be able to learn and explore through tech, with less 'teaching'. #itjustmakessense #neurodiversityparadigmshift


NeuroReadies love patterns and puzzles! DIFFERENT Tutoring for those who think and learn differently

NeuroReadies - Word Mapping is one of our Super Powers
Different Tutoring for NeuroReadies
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