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NeuroReadies love patterns and puzzles! DIFFERENT Tutoring for those who think and learn differently

I have shared some ideas here and will keep adding random clips below, of things that I found interesting in my own work as a NeuroReadie, supporting children who are usually struggling, as an instructional casualty, as they think and learn differently - but no-one has taught them differently. I'll just keep adding them. 

Rewiring Dyslexic Brains

A focus on phonemic awareness and orthographic learning.  

Video sent to Luca (aged 12) after initial phonemic awareness check with 7 words. 

After watching this Luca started using the Spelling Routine (the Monster Routine with the SSP Spelling Piano app) The clip to the right is about 2 days later. The routine will rewire his brain for phonemic (speech sound) awareness and orthographic processing - the essential foundational skills needed to learn to read and spell. We can identify and overcome issues in Reception - and prevent students like Luca from struggling. Please ask about training!

Visible Spelling Code - ICRWY - Monster Mapping!
NeuroReadies - Word Mapping is one of our Super Powers
Different Tutoring for NeuroReadies
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