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Mapped Words®!

Code Mapped stories help children learn to read more easily.

At least 20% of children will find reading English words difficult - they don't 'hear' the speech sounds in words, 'see' the pictures of the sounds (graphemes) in words, recognise the meaningful parts (morphemes) or have the vocabulary knowledge to map the whole word to its meaning in and out of that particular context.
Although 'Reading Ready Brains' activities within the Early Years have a focus on all children becoming 'readies' the reality is that far too many slip through the cracks in school.  
I am, therefore, producing 'ready-mapped' words because single word mapping is great, eg as we do with 'Speedy Sight Words' (and why our reception children recognise AND SPELL over 400 before grade 1) but the goal is to READ.  We want children engaged and wanting to read more! Miss Emma x

We are readies! Mapping is our super power
Mapped Words help children learn to read more easily

Words 'mapped' for those learning to speak and read English.

Here soon! MAPPED Words - We are readies

Contact us to to 'Code Map®' words for you! We will map any texts, using our unique Orthographic Mapping Tool, for personal and commercial use.
Miss Emma and a network of experts will sign off on the accuracy of the word mapping before release.
You can also request specific changes to the word mapping eg for British or American accents - see IPA (phonetic symbols) mapped below.  


Code Mapped Words - Ready-mapped words - The Reading Hut
Or use the Orthographic Mapping Tool and let students map their own words in the app! ICRWY Lessons app for 2 devices (ask about pricing for 2-200 devices)
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