A new set of digital downloads (Code Level activities and readers) to align with the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach and Letters and Sounds GPC teaching order.  FREE via TPT - ICRWY
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I Can Read Without You ICRWY

During Phase 1 children develop great phonemic awareness and an understanding that speech sounds (phonemes) map with 'sound pictures' (graphemes)
They've been 'following the monster sounds' to say the word since week 1.

Since the end of week 1 they have been using Code Mapped words, showing the segmentation of the words using the 'black/ grey' sequence (so as to NOT detract from the word - and the contrast can be stark, or not) 

So when they see ANY words they can figure them out WITHOUT HELP or instruction. I Can Read Without You (ICRWY)
The adults help with meaning, and use of the word within sentences. Students become interested in etymology and morphology.

Only 1 or 2 exposures to the word ensures it is retained into long term memory. They are also constantly identifying patterns and able to transfer that new 'orthographic learning' to other words.

Bottom line is that the resources and activities allow children to reach the 'self-teaching' phase much more quickly and easily, and are less reliant on face-to-face instruction, or using clues to try to deduce words. But if they DO deduce the word from clues, they can 'track back' to figure out the mapping. So it's a win, win, however you look at it!

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