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Read the Braintree Forest Texts here.
Use a laptop or tablet
Use Transition books when learners are at the Yellow Code Level. Continue to read Blue Code Level readers at the same time. 


There are currently 18 - so click in here to find the book you need, if it is not shown. 

I launched the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach in Australia around a decade ago. 

I can't launch it here in the UK because it is not 'synthetic phonics' and I include activities to develop GSF (an important bridging process) etc I want the children to use other cues eg vocabulary knowledge, context, to figure out words with unfamiliar GPCs. I have included an example below.  See Speech Sound Detective - this prompts the children to figure out the word and then 'track back' ie so what is the new grapheme?

The Active View of Reading

In Australia I wanted children to practice their Code Level graphemes within books (so more realistic) and so used to go through the phonics books available, and I would check all graphemes and organise them for teachers. 

Contact Miss Emma about Code Level Readers, to practice blending commonly used Grapheme to Phoneme Correspondences (GPCs).

The Reading Whisperer, Miss Emma
Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer
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