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Reading Therapy Dogs

The Reading Hut Ltd will soon be using Reading Therapy Dogs within the
I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project.

Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer, is running a new ICRWY pilot with 2 - 3-year-olds, setting up 'Walks and Words in the Woods' where parents and carers in Dorset can learn how to best support their children in the early years, and is going to be training a new pup to visit day nurseries and schools across the UK, to show teachers how to screen 3 - 5 year old children for dyslexia (and what to do with flagged children) 
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Free Code Level Readers - We love to include Border Collies!

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The Reading Hut- Dorset - Reading Therapy Dogs - The Reading Whisperer
Reading Therapy Dogs - The Reading Hut Dorset